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After a hard days work, switch off and let your mind and body relax into your surroundings with this modern day lavender classic.


Top notes of classic Provence lavender, lavender oil and hints of rose petals, lead straight into soothing chamomile leaf and camellia flowers all resting calmly on a base of creamy vanilla bean with a touch of soft cedarwood and musk.


Our candles are lovingly hand poured and made from a pure plant based soy wax and essential oils. The natural wax, which is parafin and artificial additives free, provides a slow warm burn while captivating your senses and filling your room with a beautiful fragrance.

Serenity Candle

    • 30cl (220g) grey matt finish glass vessel
    • Rose gold lid
    • Cotton wick
    • Burn time 45-50 hours
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